Asked someone asked: "How can a person see the world?"

The highest praise A netizen answered this question:

"The people who have seen the world have a basic feature. West Bend Breakfast Station "know where the culmination of this world is, most Good food, the most expensive clothes, the richest people, the most luxurious life, how beautiful is the farthest place.

The so-called world is every aspect of the world; see The world is actually seeing the heavens and the earth, seeing all beings, seeing your own process.

A woman who has truly seen the world must have a high In the eyes of ordinary people.

They know the world and not the world, Vintage Bread Box can enjoy the best and can withstand the worst, know what to do, what things Can't do it.

"The funeral" is full.

I once said, "Life is more than just the eyes of the eyes." I don’t know how many people will listen to the songs and tears, while shouting to pursue poetry and distant fields.

After crying and shouting, we will still brush our teeth and wash our face after waking up, repeating the mechanical work.

Looking at the high-rise villas in the Futon Sofa Bed city Think about your own rented house of less than 20 square meters. Maybe you will also complain about the injustice of fate.

Looking at the colleagues driving away from the dust, they can only squeeze the earliest one every day. Class bus to work in the subway, maybe you will feel pitiful for yourself;

Looking at the people in the circle of friends who have traveled around the world on vacation, but they even feel extravagant when watching movies, maybe Then, for a moment, you will feel that you can't be loved...

It's true that life costs, but you don't need it!

No money is not an excuse for you to live together, people who really love life, even if they are in poverty The ground can also make a meal and a meal look pleasing to the eye.

Even if it is a rented house, It should also be warm and comfortable;

Although it is painful to squeeze the bus, there are a lot of "comrades" who are working hard for your dreams, you are not fighting alone;

< p> Even if we can't use the body to embrace the world now, we can use the soul to perceive the world...

See you People who have passed away know that even in mud, they have the right to look up at the stars.

When you try to find the goodness around you and walk towards good times, you can naturally discover the small fortunes of life and turn your life into poetry.

Never travel

"Travel is exclusive to wealthy people, like us who work for others, or stay at home!"

Never travel, Like the frog at the bottom of the well, you will never know the vastness of the world and your own smallness.

In the case of travel, money can only determine the length of travel, can not become a stumbling block on your travels, you can take the train without money, you can live in the Youth Hostel You can choose a destination that is not expensive.

As ​​long as you think, there is no distance you can't reach, and in the distance, there are surprises you can't think of.

Travel is the window where you go out to see the world, and it is also the best way for you to broaden your horizons. Think of everything as an experience of life.

Be aware that a person’s vision is far more attractive than his famous brand.

"You leave me, it means the meaning of travel." Temporary departure will make you more passionate about your life.

When you travel all over the world and look at the other side of the world you are thinking of, your experience will become richer and your mind will become wider. The girl, wherever she goes, will be appreciated.

Excessive care about your age

Time can make people grow, but it can also make people age, especially women, who can't stand the baptism of years.

I can watch a 20-year-old girl thinking about anti-aging, but many 50-60-year-old women live like a shining girl. It’s really a bit confusing.

Duras wrote in the "Lover" such a classic saying, "You are very beautiful when you were young, but compared to that, I prefer the face of vicissitudes now."

In fact, age is just a string of numbers, and marriage is nothing more than a icing on the cake. The true aging of a person is not a change in appearance, but a depression in the heart.

When I saw a woman in the world, I never thought of age as a burden. Instead, I knew how to use the years as an ornament to decorate myself with elegance and wisdom.

They don't insist, don't be stubborn, live comfortably and romantically, be independent and free and easy, enjoy life today, and wait for tomorrow.

There are no people in the world who are not old, only the old "mindset", keep a positive and young heart, trust the years, you can take life Every moment, the most beautiful time.

Love is bigger than the day

I don’t know when I must be married before I am 30 years old, and I must have a child when I am married... These sentient beings have been quantified by society.

It may be different times. Many girls are now standing, but their parents are still immersed in the "famous words" of the older generation.

In fact, parents can't understand and can't understand, but because they haven't seen the world, they don't know that there are many women in this world, they are living for themselves, and they are not bad. .

I have seen such a sentence, "two Teens are used to get rid of poverty, not to get rid of it."

You have to understand that for young people, getting rid of poverty is always more important than taking time off.

It’s not that you can’t rely on the other half, but to tell you that it’s the realest thing to get your hands on your own, you should let yourself grow wings.

Women who have never seen the world, in the sequence of life choices, they tend to put their husbands and children in the first place, and always live for others, but those who live out of themselves, just in contrast.

Because they understand that only when they are financially independent can they be hard-pressed in front of their lives, they can live more freely, and they will not compromise because of money in love. .

When you control your finances, you control your own destiny, and your future will be more emboldened.

Too too strong

In our lifetime, we will pass by many people, some can become friends, and some are destined to be strangers. .

Being a friend depends on each person's three views. If the three views are different, don't try to convince the other party, let alone argue and hurt yourself. Also hurt others.

Everyone is accustomed to using their own perspective to evaluate everything. Everything must be right or wrong, and argue right or wrong. What can be right, what is wrong?

Likes to buy a camera is no better than buying a bag, but the angles are different.

People want to spread their hands, don't be busy accusing them, so that they can stand up to God's preference.

When a woman is twenty or thirty, she has to live a bit more. When she encounters setbacks in life or is not understood by others, there is no need to Going to fight for a red face, time will naturally give you the best answer.

Compromise, no self

Too too strong, but relative, compromise is equally undesirable.

In a person's life, there are always countless compromises, especially women.

For the sake of feelings and embarrassment, for the sake of life, and for the sake of smooth work, we are always used to please others and take care of others' emotions, but we have forgotten that the most desirable thing is actually ourselves.

There is a story filled in my eyes, but I don’t see any wind and frost on my face. I don’t have to envy anyone, don’t laugh at anyone, don’t rely on anyone, can be very busy, but can also quit busy state at any time. It has a deadly appeal to everyone.

Everyone has their own guardianship In the end, learn to refuse, you can do yourself better.

Life is only 30,000 days. It is time to listen to your inner voice and embrace your true self and live for yourself.

Listen to the inner strength, live the desired look, not impatient, Do not exaggerate, not arrogant, do not please anyone, do not deliberately modify yourself, and embrace the true self.

Indulge in a variety of soul chicken soup

What is the soul chicken soup?

is something that makes you comfortable but doesn't teach you any effective methods.

A lot of people still love to drink chicken soup, what can't beat you will make you strong after all, thank you for all the hardships, and make yourself a better self...< /p>

In fact, what you should be most grateful for is not suffering, not even hurting you, but a strong self and those who are not willing to leave.

It’s better to work harder than to indulge in chicken soup. Don’t be worthy of your own ambitions in the end, and you will live up to your suffering.

In fact, it is not an opportunity or a family to decide a person, but the vision after seeing the world.

Ma Dong said that in our lives, we often overlook a river because we see a boat.

What kind of vision do you have, you will see what kind of scenery, not that this society has no poetry and distance, but because your chest is not enough Find.

You will only understand if you have experienced more The suffering of all beings, knowing their own sweetness, and having a very high vision, they know how to cherish life.

Maybe, when your mind is vastly grassy, ​​then you can understand the magnificence of the horse.